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What is Papoom?

Visitors to our site must be wondering why this site was called  "Papoom" (pronounced pah-poom). After all, papoom is not even a word that can be found in a dictionary? So why papoom? What does it mean?

To my little girl, papoom was a baby word she used to refer to the word "get" and "eat". Yes, it had dual meanings to her and we did learn to understand what she meant after a while. Of course, she eventually learned to say the words "get" and "eat", but the word papoom stuck with me.

As we set out to develop this online shopping and informational resource, it occurred to me that what we are doing is basically getting resources, articles, news, and information related to parenting, families, babies, kids, and child development and sort of feeding these information to parents, soon-to-be parents, and other people who might, hopefully, find them useful. Thanks to our little girl's baby speak, papoom seemed to be the appropriate name for this website.

We have a lot of plans for this site and ideas will constantly evolve. If you find our site useful or would like to see other features on our site, please feel free to drop us a line.

We hope you enjoy your visit to

Best regards,

Gigi S.

PS. Just in case you'd like to contact me, feel free to send your email to:



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