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Top 10 Most Popular and Visited Websites on Preschool


1 Kid's CBC's Kid's CBC site is a safe and fun site for preschoolers to play, explore, and learn. The site's educational games are simply fun and entertaining. Among some games that parents and their preschoolers will enjoy interacting with are The Art Machine, Lunar Jim Missions, Nanas Helper, Poko Pipity Pop, Princess Patty's Post Office, Sticker Park Explorer, and Tractor Tom Paint. Your preschooler (and even you) will find this site enjoyable.


ParentCenter: Preschool (Ages 2 to 4)
ParentCenter's Preschool (Ages 2 to 4) section offers an abundance of helpful topics about your child and preschool. Some of the articles on the site cover topics such as preschool costs, how to find the best preschool for your child, how to find financial assistance for private preschool tuition, preschool teacher interview sheet, signs of a good preschool, signs of a bad preschool, preschool programs, preschool licensing, preparing your child for preschool, preschool learning, and others. The site also has a tool to help you find the right preschool for your child.


Sesame Workshop: Sesame Street

Who does not know Sesame Street? For generations, Sesame Street has educated and entertained children and adults alike. Sesame Street is more than ABC's and 123's. Sesame Street is about helping every child develop the cognitive, social, and emotional skills essential for school readiness. Sesame Street is beloved by children, trusted by parents, and honored with more Emmy Awards than any other show in television history. The site has games, stories, art, music, Elmo's world, and other features that preschoolers will enjoy.

4 Preschool Activities's Preschool Activities section provides parents with a multitude of fun and learning ideas for preschoolers. Among some of the preschool learning activities are coloring and cutting figures, arts and crafts, letter and number tracing, fun with animals, connect-the-dots, nursery rhymes, and much more. The site also offers interactive online coloring, aside from the classic paper and crayon activity.

5 Preschool Playground's Preschool Playground offers parents and preschoolers fun, interactive learning games. Among the playful games and activities on the site are creating playful poetry with your kids, playing "I Spy" games, interacting with "Alice in Wonderland", playing music with Clifford's xylophone, uncovering hidden objects, playing with patterns, building a monster bug, printing and coloring a dinosaur, and more. The site also provides a lot of age-based activities with your preschooler.

6 Preschool Games and Activities

Funschool is a popular and trusted provider of interactive online games in a safe online learning community.'s Preschool Games and Activities section has a lot of interactive, fun, and educational online games—games preschool children love. Some the fun preschool children will enjoy playing on this site are Type Me, Coloring Book Fun, Animal Homes, Fall Fever, Can You Place Me?, Connect the Numbers, Concentration Games, Begins With, and dozens of more educational games. Funschool is one of the top online educational sites for families and has been endorsed by organizations such as NetNanny and CyberAngels, both of which are leading industry watchdogs for children's protection on the Internet.


Wrentham Public Schools: Preschool

The Wrentham Public Schools Preschool Site is one of the most comprehensive sites on preschool learning and educational activities that teachers, parents, and children will truly enjoy. The site has compiled a list of links to websites and articles that can provide preschool teachers, as well as parents, ideas about preschool activities that are fun and educational. Preschool activity links are classified in categories such as art, games, shapes, science, safety, writing, safety, science, and more. The site is a great resource for preschool children's activities.


Montgomery Country Public Schools: Preschool Zone
The Montgomery County Public Schools Preschool Zone provides a lot of teaching ideas that parents could use with their preschool child. The site also provides links to research and web articles on preschool education. Despite the site being intended mainly for teachers, parent's will find the site's "teaching ideas" section full of valuable ideas for interactive and fun projects with your preschooler.

9 Preschool
On his quest to educate and inspire parents about their children, Dr. Alan Greene has become one of the world's most trusted and beloved pediatricians. His acclaimed book, "From First Kicks to First Steps" (McGraw-Hill, 2004), is an inspiring resource for parents around the world. A practicing pediatrician and father of four, Dr. Greene has devoted himself to freely giving real answers to parents' real questions—from questions about those all too common childhood conditions to those that address the most rare childhood illnesses. Dr. Greene's Preschool section provides great articles on preschooler's health and psychology.


First-School: Preschool Activities and Crafts
First-School features free fun preschool lesson plans, educational early childhood activities, printable crafts, worksheets, calendar of events and other resources for children of preschool age. The printable activities, crafts, lesson plans, themes, and coloring pages are appropriate and adaptable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten level (ages 2 to 6). First-School's content is ideal for home schooling, preschool and kindergarten teachers, daycare, child care providers, after-school and babysitters.



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