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Top 10 Most Popular and Visited Websites on Pregnancy



Wikipedia: Pregnancy

If you would like to know more about pregnancy from a medical standpoint, Wikipedia's pregnancy section provides them all. This site is the most visited site on pregnancy because of its comprehensive coverage on the subject. This is a great resource for women and parents who would like to know more about pregnancy detection, timeline of a typical pregnancy, medical aspects of pregnancy, and other pregnancy information.

2 Pregnancy/Birth's pregnancy section provides pregnancy essentials which includes pregnancy calendar, belly/utrasound galleries, trimester guides, 25 signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy tests. This site also offers topics related to getting pregnant, prenatal care, twins and multiples, pregnancy complications, baby names & showers, postpartum, and childbirth professionals.


Medline Plus: Pregnancy

Medline Plus's pregnancy contains the following: latest news on pregnancy, overviews on pregnancy, diagnosis/symptoms of pregnancy, pregnancy prevention/screening, pregnancy health check tools, pregnancy alternative therapy, pregnancy nutrition, financial issues related to pregnancy, birth rate statistics, and other pregnancy related topics.


Baby Center: Pregnancy

Baby Center's pregnancy section covers a lot of topics on: when to call the doctor, prenatal tests, stages of labor, pregnancy calendar, pregnancy gears, pregnancy gifts, and news on pregnancy. Other topics covered include morning sickness, fetal development, and labor and delivery.


iVillage: Pregnancy & Parenting

iVillage's Pregnancy & Parenting section provides articles, reviews, and advice. This site provides information on the following: staying attuned with pregnancy and health, baby development, pregnancy calendar, week-by-week pregnancy guide, pregnancy complications, a dad’s role, emotions & moods while pregnant, pregnant woman's guide to fitness and nutrition, labor and birth, miscarriage & loss, and more.

6 prides itself as the world’s largest women-owned and operated pregnancy Website. If you're trying to get pregnant, or are pregnant, this site covers a wide scope of topics from preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Other topics covered on the site are breast feeding, fitness while pregnant, pregnancy calendar, baby name finder, and grief and loss.

7 provides advice for mothers-to-be on pregnancy, getting pregnant, baby care, and maternity. The site covers topics related to getting pregnancy, infertility, and medical tests, prenatal care, pregnancy and diet, pregnancy and exercise, pregnancy and sex, labor and child birth, cesarean section, breastfeeding, baby names, baby care, older baby care and more.

8 offers information on pregnancy fitness, pregnancy nutrition, exercise during pregnancy, pregnancy calendar, recipes for pregnant women, and baby names. The site also offers a free personalized pregnancy exercise and nutrition program.   

9 Healthy Pregnancy

WomensHealth,gov's pregnancy section offers information on the following topics: trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, getting ready for baby, childbirth and beyond, tools for the mom-to-be, adoption and foster care, and advices with regards to the top pregnancy questions.

10 provides information on pregnancy and labor, pregnancy calendars, ultrasound images, ovulation predictors, journals, birth stories, and pregnancy chat and discussion boards. Other topics covered are morning sickness, ceaserean section, choosing an obsterician, pregnancy and weight gain, coping with the worries of pregnancy, and understanding and overcoming postpartum depression.



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