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Top 10 Most Popular and Visited Websites on Child Care


1 Child Care

About.comís child care section provides a comprehensive list of topics on child care for parents and in-home providers. Some of the topics covered are: quality child care choices for parents, child care provider basics, child care centers, child care facilities, infant child care, baby sitter tips, child care costs, child care providers, day care centers, and other hot child care topics. Read the latest Sittercity reviews.


MedlinePlus: Child Care

Medline Plusís child care section contains a multitude of information on child care observation checklist, what kinds of child care are available, child care center-based care, family child care, health and child care, child care directories, child care organizations, child care information resources, child care research, and more.


The Child Care Nutrition Resource System

The Child Care Nutrition Resource System site provides recipes, resources, and information on preparing nutritious meals. The site also provides information on food safety. Parents and day care providers will find the information on this site useful. The site includes news and other resources on child care nutrition.

4 Choosing Child Care 

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and happy in a child care environment that is fun, educational, and nurturing. KidsHealth.orgís Choosing Child Care section provides information on finding the appropriate child care for your infant or young child.


National Network for Child Care

National Network for Child Care or NNCC unites the expertise of many of the nation's leading universities through the outreach system of Cooperative Extension. The site provides information on child care best practices, child care activities and learning, child care options, child care for children with special needs, child care center design, child care business management, child care evaluation and assessment, child care professionals, and other child care topics.


Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is a non-profit initiative committed to helping parents find the best information on locating quality child care and child care resources in their community. Child Care Aware does this by raising visibility for local child care resource and referral agencies nationwide, and by connecting parents with the local agencies best equipped to serve their needs. The site also provides information on how to chose child care, types of child care, and other hot topics on child care.


NCCIC. National Child Care Information Center

The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC), a service of the Child Care Bureau, is a national clearinghouse and technical assistance center that links parents, providers, policy-makers, researchers, and the public to early care and education information. The site provides information for parents on finding child care providers, financial assistance, and information on quality care. 


Child Care Online 

Child Care Online's mission is to provide the support necessary for parents to become effective consumers of child day care through empowering information on the components of quality child care services. The site offers parents information about how to choose child care, managing your child care, child care registry, and others. For child care providers, the site provides information on how to start a daycare center and other related topics. The site provides a variety of resources for parents, caregivers, organizations, employers, and schools.


National Association of Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) 

National Network of Child Care Resource & Referral centers (CCR&Rs) is dedicated to providing information to parents, professionals, and advocates. NACCRRA is the national network of more than 850 child care resource and referral centers (CCR&Rs) located in every state and most communities across the US. CCR&R centers help families, child care providers, and communities find, provide, and plan for affordable, quality child care.


Family Child Care and Day Care Directory 

The Family Child Care and Day Care Directory is a resource for parents looking for child care and for providers wishing to advertise their services. The site provides an easy to use database to help parents find a local child care facility within their vicinity.



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