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Top 10 Most Popular and Visited Websites for Celebrity Baby Names


1 Wacky Celebrity Baby Names

About.comís Wacky Celebrity Gossip section features some of the most wacky celebrity baby names section youíll ever find Ö from Indiana August to Pilot Inspektor. Check out the creative names that celebrities are giving their babies.


2 Showbiz: Celeb News: A to Z of Celeb Baby Names

Sky.comís Showbiz section provides a list of interesting and oddball names that Hollywood and other famous personalities gave their babies. Check out which celebrities named their kids Moon Unit, Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, Bibi Belle, Dweezil, and Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q. You can find the latest Sittercity promo code here.


IOL: The Top 20 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names

This article from IOL lists the ďTop 20 Weirdest Celebrity Baby NamesĒ. From Rumer to Fifi Trixibelle, find out what celebrity baby name topped the list.

4 Pregnancy & Baby: Cool Celebrity Baby Namesís Pregnancy & Baby section has an article on what it refers to as cool celebrity baby names. Get the up-to-the-minute word on what's hot and what's not in baby names and make sure you are as hip as any celebrity with the siteís naming guide.

5 Celebrity Baby Names

BabyZone.comís has organized the various celebrity baby names. You can search for your favorite celebrity via their last name. Baby names are also classified according to gender, which is especially helpful for unusual, unique, and non-gender biased baby names. Find out which names are hot among the rich and famous.


Rate It All: Strange Celebrity Baby Names

Rate It Allís site provides a list of obscure and sometimes unimaginable celebrity baby names that users can comment on and rate for strangeness.

7 Celebrity Baby Names

Pregnancy-Info.netís Celebrity Baby Names article is an interesting read on the baby naming quirkiness and creativity of celebrities. ďIs it because they are famous? Is it because they are artistic? Is it a publicity stunt? Whatever the reason, celebrities rarely settle for average when it comes to naming their children.Ē

8 Celebrity Baby Names

BabyFit.comís Celebrity Baby Name section provides a list of recent celebrity baby names from the traditional to the most creative names that celebrities can think of.


Am I Right: Weird Names of Music Performer's Children

Am I Right has a comprehensive list of weird (and not so weird) baby names given to the children of musicians over the years. Check out which celebrity musician named their kids Blanket, Chastity, Ella Blue, and Jermajesty.

10 Celebrity Baby Names

In Parenting.comís Celebrity Baby Names section, you will find celebrity baby names classified in various categories such as biblical, nature, exotic, unusual, place, surnames, unique, comfy and the classics.



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