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HVAC Contractors – What You Need To Know

Air conditioning systems are essential to a home’s optimal temperatures, and in order to keep the system working at its peak, it has to be well maintained and regularly serviced. AC repair and service work is done by HVAC contractors. Cast out the thought that services require a lot of money because they are very affordable. Even if the season can be hot, with your AC units properly serviced, you can still experience cool air in your area.

Preventive maintenance also means that you take full measures to get rid of damage in AC units. Units that don’t undergo regular repair tend to have recurring premature breakdowns.

Here are some of the main advantages of air conditioning repair:

Low utility bill

Air conditioner repair or just simple maintenance work, such as regular cleaning can have significant results on the efficiency of the AC unit in addition to reducing energy consumption. Your machine will deteriorate if the filter has accumulated large amount of dust over a period of time, making it hard for the circulation of air to pass through; unaware users will then turn the settings higher thinking that it’s the air that is being hot.

AC repair ensures that condenser coils don’t have dust stuck in them, so they don’t have to run harder or use more amps. Lower power bills normally comes from lower use of amps.

Repair Cost is Lowered

Preventative maintenance helps lower the possible cost on AC repair because it involves an examination on the AC units in a regular basis. Compressors will likely breakdown if the condenser coil has accumulated large amout of dirt making it hard to perform its function. Replacing the compressor costs a lot more than a regular checkup, which would ensure the coils don’t have any dirt on them.

Other issues, such as water leaks, can also be detected early if the HVAC undergoes regular maintenance. A water leak could cause damage to the AC and also the structure of the building.


Just like any other machine, regular maintenance prolongs its working life giving you more value for money. Most machines work better when they are well maintained. When you make sure that the parts are kept clean and examined, the entire system will operate properly. Good HVAC contractors can detect any malfunctions in the system and get rid of them returning the AC to its proper working condition.

The following are the common issues with AC repair:

Noisy AC

Insufficient cooling

No cooling

AC cannot be switched on

AC not turning off

HVAC contractors

The contractor you decide to go with is quite important, and a considerable amount of thought should go into this. The HVAC contractor should be someone you can rely upon to maintain the condition of your AC so that you can enjoy the great benefits that come with a perfect AC for many years.

Where to get a technician?

As is the case with pretty much any outside help, it’s a good idea to start by asking a friend or family member if they know of a good a reliable contractor. The majority of contractors actually get most of their work through word of mouth because most people are keen to inform their friends of an efficient worker. An established HVAC contractor should also be set up on the Internet with an informative website and several referrals and testimonials to help shed some light on their services.

What to look for in an HVAC contractor?

You should look into these issues when hiring an AC repair guy:

Is he licensed?

Has he worked with your system before?

What can he suggest to improve your system performance?

Does he listen to your suggestions?

These people are well trained and have already fixed several system but that does not mean that your suggestions will no longer be given value. HVAC technology is advancing which means that you have to examine if the contractor is familiar with your system.

If you are planning on hiring a contractor for your AC repair, you may consider looking for contractors who offer rebates for their services. The rebates come through the BGE Residential HVAC Rebate Program. You can not get a quote on air conditioning repair over the phone; the contractor has to come over and inspect the machine in person.

Air conditioning repair is crucial to a family’s health and will ensure you don’t spend enormous amounts of money replacing a unit before its time. You can always give the contractor a call when you think you need his or her repair services.

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