Knowing How To Clean Hardwood Floor

Because of the touch of elegance and sophistication a hardwood floor can offer to the interior of your room or home, hardwood floor are becoming popular nowadays. Another thing that most people like about using hardwood floor is its ability to be free from dust and allergens which can potentially cause sickness to your family.

You need to learn and know the basic steps or process on how to properly clean your hardwood floor if you decided to install hardwood floor into your own room or home. Cleaning your hardwood floor appropriately will help you to make sure that it will remain elegant and beautiful as time passes by. Inability to clean your hardwood floor correctly may cause damage or even destroy your floor. Below is a list of the things that should be done when cleaning your hardwood floor:

-You should remember to avoid the use of water when cleaning your hardwood floor since it may possibly damage the floor finish and can initiate rotting of your hardwood floor. With this in mind, you should also see to it that you need to make sure that any water spills on your hardwood should immediately be wiped with a dry cloth.

-Vinegar and detergents that are oil-based should not be used in cleaning your hardwood floor since it may cause dulling and discoloration of the hardwood. Chemically-neutral substance can be used instead.

-Dragging of your furniture when moving them around may cause scratches on your hardwood floor that is why it should be avoided. Aside from that, other possible cause of scratches on your hardwood floor is using unclean tools like unwashed mops which may contain dirt, debris and other things that may cause your scratches to your floor..

-Since use of vacuum is not recommended to be done every day, you can clean your floor by sweeping it with the use of a soft broom. You can use your vacuum to clean your floor at at least once a week in order to be sure that all remaining dust and allergens not take out by sweeping will be cleaned.

-Use of rugs in entryways is recommended since it will capture most of the dirt coming from shoes of your visitors and guests. Aside from that, use of rugs in areas where water is most likely to be present is advisable so that it will capture any possible water spills that can initiate rotting on your hardwood floor.

-Use of plastic pads on the feet of your furniture is recommended for you to be able to move your furniture around without putting your hardwood floor at risk of having scratches.

-Reading manufacturer’s recommendation and instruction is also essential for you to be able to know the proper way of cleaning the specific hardwood that you have installed in your room or home.

-One way of making sure that you will be able to clean your hardwood floor appropriately is reading the manufacturer’s manual that usually comes when your purchase your hardwood. This way you will be able to know the exact way of how to clean the specific hardwood floor that you have.

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