Summer Dog Walking and Sitting

Article Contributed by: Angela C.


During my Junior and Senior years in High School I offered my   services in our neighborhood for dog walking and dog sitting. To start my business I designed a colorful flier complete with details about all the services I offered. I reproduced several copies of the fliers and left copies inside the mailboxes nearby. I also asked convenient stores to give out my fliers to customers. Deliberately, I did not include the rates for the services hoping that interested clients would contact me and we could speak more freely. A successful strategy; most of the clients I got were pet owners like myself looking for someone caring enough to look after their pets. Over the phone I was able to introduce myself as the perfect person for the job. Pet owners love talking about their pets. Hence, once they speak to someone who listens it is almost a sure thing. That was exactly what I did. It was not hard at all as I love pets as well. I knew, in my heart, that pet sitting was something I really enjoyed.

In the peak of my business I handled 14 dogs for walking and four for sitting regularly. I would take the dogs for an hour’s walk to nearby parks. Then after I would watch the other dogs for three to four hours or until the homeowner comes home.

This business paid enough but more gratification came from knowing that people trusted me with their loved pets. Unlike kids who can verbally complain to their parents for lousy sitters, dogs can only express their trust through actions and pet owners can very well read between each wag of tail.

Now I am in college. Sadly, I have to put my dog business on hold. However, I see myself putting up a bigger, more complete dog-service business in the future.  My heart goes out to these four-legged creatures. With my passion, I hope I could transform it into a bigger business. It is really something I want to do for a very long time. After a starting it, I am sure I can easily take my passion and transform it into an honest money making venture.

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