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Sittercity Recommended For Military Families

March 18, 2012

Military and Veterans Examiner James Robertson reviewed Sittercity on and provided his assessment of this online sitter resource. For members of the military, Sittercity is paid for by the Department of Defense so joining up is free for those in the military service. In his assessment of Sittercity, Robertson said that for military personnel, registration is easy since their military service is verified against DEERS instantly so there is no waiting to be confirmed. Robertson writes:

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"The site is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Searching was tested against a small town Texas area code and 7 sitters were found in the area so it appears to have a lot available. A search of Dallas zip code 75127 brought up 5,424 babysitters! The site even lists background check for people who have been listed on the site. One really nice feature is "post a job" where you can actually post the job your needing, say, 'someone to watch the kids because the school is closed and can't get off work' and sitters or nannies can respond to you."

Robertson gave Sittercity a 4 out 5 rating simply because he "could not see reviews of sitters from people who have done business with that person in the past." He noted that if a background check has not been done on a person before, then be prepared to "shell out a little cash" the first time you decide on a sitter without a background check. 

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