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Do You Have Your Babysitter Interview Questions Ready?

March 16, 2012

It's funny that some parents end up not knowing exactly what questions to ask potential babysitters when it's time for a sitdown or face-to-face interview. Preparing your list of questions is vital so that you can maximize your time (as well as the potential sitter's) and really get to know the new person who will be watching over your kids. It is important that before you even meet the potential sitter that you prepare a list of questions to ask them. Typing these questions out and bring your cheat sheet is very important so that you do not forget to ask any of the important questions.


There are many common sense questions that you should ask. A list that was prepared by Alice Langholt at is a great resource to use. Make sure to incorporate the list of questions that she has in your cheat sheet. Aside from having a list of questions handy for the interview, Alice also suggests that you have the sitter play with the kids before the actual job is given to the person. According to Alice:

"It can also be a good idea to have the sitter come over just to meet and play with the kids for 30 minutes or so before the first official sitting job. Establishing familiarity can make the transition smoother for all concerned. It also gives you a chance to go over your expectations when you're not rushed to get out the door."

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It is also important that you take notes with you during the interview. If you do not want to write, a better option is to use that recording app in your smartphone. If you decide to record your conversation, make sure to inform the babysitter that your conversation is being recorded. It's a great way to review how the conversation went. Furthermore, having the conversation recorded makes the potential babysitter more accountable too.


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